Chibi Nails

Diva glitter nails! 

Looking at my nails now will just make me crave for more cupcakes!

2 years ago
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My lazy nails

Girly tribal nails for my friend :)

Reindeer design inspired by Rina. I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the reindeer, and decided to attempt it myself. I’m already in a Christmas mood! :D

Tried out the lovely nail polishes Katrina got us all the way from Michigan. I’m so in love with the multi-coloured glitter polish :’) Thanks again, Katrina!

It’s been a while since I painted a rose design :) Based this design from some website (sorry I really can’t remember!)

Argyle nail design. Pardon the messiness *cough*

My usual girly floral design. I’m in love with the pink shade! 

Did this manicure for my friend as a birthday treat :)